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Benefits of Sauna Therapy

Discover the wellness benefits of using a sauna in your day-to-day routine.

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You can enjoy sauna anywhere in the world…

With North Shore Sauna’s portable outdoor wood-fired sauna tents, stoves, and accessories! Sauna tents are the most cost-effective way to experience sauna culture and gain the health benefits of frequent sauna use.

Why North Shore Sauna?


North Shore Sauna stands out for its exceptional durability in its portable sauna tent design. Featuring high-quality materials and reinforced stitching, your sauna tent is built to withstand varying weather conditions and frequent use.

Customer Service

North Shore Sauna offers top-notch customer service, promptly addressing inquiries and questions with professionalism and efficiency. Our dedicated team ensures a seamless experience, so you can enjoy your sauna stress free.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer a 60-day money-back satisfaction guarantee, providing you with the confidence to experience a sauna tent risk-free.

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1. What is a tent sauna?

Tent saunas are lightweight, portable saunas that are much more compact and affordable than traditional cabin saunas. They can be setup in your backyard or taken with you to your favorite camping spots and set up for a short time. Our tent saunas are wood-fired, offering an authentic experience in a convenient, portable package.
The time it takes to set up a tent sauna can vary depending on the specific model and the experience level of the person setting it up. However, most tent saunas are designed to be easy to set up and can typically be assembled in less than 10 minutes by one person.
The temperature inside a tent sauna can vary depending on the type of heating source used, the size of the sauna, and the duration of use. However, most tent saunas are designed to reach temperatures between 180°F to 210°F, which is similar to traditional saunas. The temperature can be adjusted by controlling the amount of heat produced by the heating source. We have seen temperatures above 220°F but it generally not recommended to sauna in such high temperatures.
Absolutely. One of the key advantages of our steam sauna tents is their portability. We have designed the tent sauna packages so that they can be folded up, easily transported, and reassembled anytime, anywhere.
● Improved circulation: The heat from the sauna can increase blood flow and circulation, which can help to reduce inflammation, relieve muscle tension, and promote healing.

● Detoxification: Sweating in the sauna can help to remove toxins and impurities from the body through the skin.

● Relaxation: Sauna use can help to reduce stress and promote relaxation, which can have a positive impact on both physical and mental health.

● Improved cardiovascular health: Sauna use has been shown to improve cardiovascular health by lowering blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart disease, and improving vascular function.

● Pain relief: The heat from the sauna can help to relieve muscle and joint pain and may be beneficial for conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia. It’s important to note that while sauna use can offer potential health benefits, individuals with certain health conditions such as heart disease or high blood pressure should consult with their healthcare provider before using a sauna. Additionally, users should always follow the instructions and safety guidelines to prevent injury or overheating.

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