30″ Tall Portable Sauna Bench – Say Goodbye to Cold Feet!

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Portable Sauna Bench 

The portable folding sauna bench is a unique and adaptable piece of equipment that will improve your individual sauna experience and elevate your relaxation and well-being. Read on to see the advantages of a portable sauna bench and how to easily include it into your health regimen, whether you're a seasoned sauna fan or are just starting to explore the world of personal tent saunas.

The Portable Sauna Bench: A Revolution in Comfort

Overview of a portable sauna bench

Let's first define a portable sauna bench before getting into the specifics. This is a two-tiered wood-topped bench that you may put inside your own outdoor sauna wherever you are using it. Its main objective is to improve your sauna sessions by offering a cozy and practical sitting configuration, elevating you into the hottest part of your sauna.

Exceptional Comfort

Imagine sitting down on a comfortable, ergonomic seat after entering your own personal sauna. It has the same sensation of floating on a cloud. Portable sauna seats were created with your comfort in mind because traditional sauna benches can be large, heavy, and unpleasant. They provide height for your body and feet, allowing you to unwind fully while in the sauna.

The Benefits of a Portable Sauna Bench

A portable sauna seat may improve your sauna experience in a variety of ways that go beyond just comfort. Here are some strong arguments for why adding a transportable sauna bench to your health regimen might significantly improve things:

Increased Comfort

The instant improvement in comfort during your sauna sessions is the primary benefit of a portable sauna bench. These movable benches, as opposed to conventional hard benches, were made with ergonomics in mind. They offer superior postural support, enabling you to unwind and truly appreciate the sauna experience without having to continually modify your posture.

Greater Relaxation

The comfortable arrangement provided by a portable sauna bench allow you to completely immerse yourself in relaxation. The velvety surface and ergonomic design make it possible for you to relax, practice meditation, or just take in the calming environment of the sauna without being interrupted. It improves your general feeling of serenity and relaxation.

Better Movement and Posture

Greater posture is encouraged by sitting on an elevated sauna seat with matched footrest, and greater blood circulation all throughout the body follows. A portable sauna bench encourages good posture, which helps to reduce muscular stress and improves general well-being as opposed to sitting on seating not designed for sauna, which can cause discomfort and constrict blood flow.

Wood-Burning Sauna Stove: The Heart of Your Portable Sauna Bench Experience

Consider a wood-burning sauna burner to be the focal point of your portable sauna bench experience. Your sauna sessions get authenticity and charm from using this traditional heating technique. The wood-burning stove not only offers effective heat as you unwind on your bench, but it also fosters a sense of connection to nature with the sound of wood cracking and the soft perfume of burning logs. The pairing of a portable sauna bench and a wood-burning sauna stove offers a timeless and revitalizing vacation, where comfort meets tradition, whether you are in your garden, at a secluded lodge, or taking in the peace of the woods or lakeshore.


The wonderfully adaptable and seamless-fitting portable sauna benches are perfect for all kinds of saunas. These benches are adjustable and can fit people of various body proportions whether you have a steam sauna, an infrared sauna, or a conventional Finnish sauna. Due to its adaptability, a portable sauna bench may be used by anybody.

Durability and Water Resistance

The majority of sauna seats are made from premium materials like cedar or thermo-wood. These materials are famous for their resilience to moisture and durability. This is crucial in the sauna setting where high humidity and temperature levels are common. A sturdy benchtop of cedar guarantees enduring comfort and dependability.

Wood Sauna Heater: The Perfect Companion for Your Portable Sauna Bench

A wood sauna heater, the perfect match for your portable sauna bench, will improve your sauna experience. Your sauna sessions will have a more authentic and traditional feel thanks to this conventional heating technique, which also promotes relaxation. The wood sauna heater effectively heats the sauna as you recline on your bench, enclosing you in a cocoon of comforting heat. Whether in your garden or a remote area, a portable sauna seat and a wood sauna heater provide a genuine and restorative sauna experience. Your wellness regimen is elevated by this fusion of coziness and tradition.

Simple to Maintain

A portable sauna bench makes it simple to maintain hygiene in your sauna, which is an important responsibility. These seats are made to be simple to maintain and clean. You can maintain your bench in excellent shape and maintain a clean and welcoming sauna environment by giving it a quick wipe-down after each usage. The cedar is also inherently anti-microbial, which allows for long-term durability.

Including in Daily Wellness Practices

It's simple to incorporate a portable sauna bench into your regular wellness practice. Give your sauna sessions frequent attention, whether it's in the morning to jump-start your day or in the evening to relax and unwind. Your wellness practices are made more comfortable by the portable bench.

Meditation and mindfulness

The time spent in the sauna is perfect for practicing mindfulness and meditation. You may concentrate on your breathing, declutter your thoughts, and relax more deeply with the assistance of a cozy portable sauna seat. The seat provides a comfortable haven for your mental and emotional health.

Portable Wood Stove: Embrace Versatile Outdoor Cooking

Your go-to option for outdoor cooking activities is a portable wood burner. This portable and effective stove enables you to cook delectable meals using renewable fuels like twigs and branches when camping, hiking, or simply enjoying the great outdoors. Leave no trace behind while enjoying the pleasure of open-flame cooking. A portable wood burner brings a touch of rustic culinary joy to your outdoor adventures with its lightweight design and environmentally responsible operation.

Selecting a Proper Portable Sauna Bench

Measurement and compatibility

The size of your personal sauna should be taken into account when choosing a portable sauna seat. To make sure the bench will fit comfortably, measure the area you have available. To ensure a flawless fit, make sure the bench is compatible with the type of sauna you have.

Durability and substance

The majority of portable sauna seats are made from premium materials like cedar or thermally modified wood. These substances are renowned for their toughness and moisture resistance, which makes them perfect for sauna settings. Make sure the bench you select is made to handle the sauna's heat and humidity.

Simple Maintenance

Choose a portable sauna bench that is simple to maintain and clean. In order to preserve cleanliness, sauna seats should be easy to clean as they will collect perspiration and moisture.

Portable Sauna Tent and Bench: The Perfect Pair for Relaxation

For the ultimate in relaxation, combine the ease of a portable sauna bench with the luxury of a portable sauna tent. This powerful pair makes sure that relaxation knows no boundaries, whether you are in your backyard, at the lake, or even on a camping trip. The sauna tent offers a comfortable haven for your restorative treatments, while the sauna bench gives outstanding seating comfort. Together, they provide a mobile health getaway that is simple to assemble and use anywhere, putting relaxation at the top of your daily priority list.

Incorporating a Portable Sauna Bench into Your Wellness Routine

Daily rituals of relaxation

It's easy to incorporate a portable sauna bench into your regular wellness practice. Set aside time each day just for a sauna session. Your portable sauna seat will improve the experience, whether you enjoy the energizing heat of a regular sauna or the soft warmth of an infrared sauna.

Mindfulness and meditation

Sauna sessions can serve as a haven for mindfulness and meditation. You may concentrate on your breathing, unwind, and attain a greater sensation of relaxation and calm while relaxing on your portable sauna bench.

A Portable Sauna Bench's Features

There are several alternatives available on the market for portable sauna benches, each with a unique set of qualities. Here are some essential characteristics to think about when choosing the ideal portable sauna bench for your requirements in order to assist you in making an educated choice:

Adaptive Design

An ergonomically sound portable sauna seat should be available. For the most support and comfort during your sauna sessions, look for features like curved chairs and backrests. It is comfortable for you to rest fully thanks to ergonomics.

Flexible Seating

Versatility is crucial, especially if you want to use the bench in different types of saunas or if you have a variety of users. Make sure the bench can be adjusted for height and angle to accommodate people of all sizes and tastes.

Wood-Fired Sauna: Enhance Comfort on Your Portable Sauna Bench

Increase the quality of your portable sauna bench experience by adding a wood-fired sauna's authenticity. Your relaxation periods have a cozy feel from the roaring fire and the soft fragrance of burning wood. The sauna is efficiently heated as you relax on your bench thanks to the wood-fired stove, which surrounds you in comforting heat. This combination of a portable sauna bench and a wood-fired sauna ensures a restorative experience that is both cozy and close to nature, whether you are in your backyard, a distant lodge, or exploring the wilderness. It is the ideal approach to relax in elegance and get away from the busyness of daily life.

Superior Materials

Any sauna bench must be made from materials that are strong and resistant to moisture. Popular options include cedar and hemlock because of its longevity and resilience to dampness. These components guarantee that your bench can survive the heat and humidity of the sauna atmosphere.

Simple Maintenance

The chore of cleaning your sauna seat should be simple. Look for a bench that is simple to clean and maintain. Easy maintenance is crucial for maintaining cleanliness since sauna seats may collect perspiration and moisture.


Make sure the portable sauna bench you select is appropriate for the kind of sauna you own. The bench should fit well and improve your sauna experience whether you possess a steam sauna, an infrared sauna, or a classic Finnish sauna.

dependable construction

For your weight to be supported and for years of comfort, the bench has to be well-built and solid. Verify the bench's weight-bearing capacity parameters to be sure it can handle users of different sizes.

Non-Slip Surface

Safety on non-slip surfaces is crucial in a sauna. Even when your body is bathed in perspiration, a non-slip surface on the bench guarantees that you may sit down and adjust your posture without running the danger of falling.

Portable and Small

The bench should be portable and simple to transport and store when not in use. To make sure the bench meets your space and mobility needs, take into account the bench's weight and proportions.

Finish in style

While functioning is important, the sauna bench's aesthetics is equally important. Many portable sauna seats have fashionable finishes that go well with your sauna's décor. Pick a style that fits your particular tastes.

Guarantees and customer service

Last but not least, look into warranties and customer support options. Any potential flaws or problems should be covered by the warranty provided by a reliable manufacturer. Additionally, helpful customer service might be priceless if you have any issues or need help.

product attributes

For a more elevated sauna experience, use a portable sauna bench.

Western Red Cedar of the highest grade is used to ensure durability and natural beauty

  • 30" is added to the sitting position, and the feet are raised 16"
  • When in use, a cross brace for strong legs
  • Construction that folds in two pieces for simple mobility
  • Bench tops are 16 inches broad and 48 inches long as a standard (customization is possible).

Today, improve your sauna's comfort

Our portable sauna bench will improve your sauna sessions. Say goodbye to chilly feet and enjoy enhanced circulation and increased sitting comfort. It's the ideal addition to your sauna setup because of its sturdy build and practical transportation. Place your order right away to elevate your sauna experience.

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@breathworkbrian IG
perfect for the tent

Ive got 3 benches foe the large tent now, 12 seats, its dope

12 seats is a sauna party!
Maybe i'll be able to get in there for a sauna session!

Logan Butkovich

Works great! Game changer getting your feet off the ground.

Glad to help you get your feet off the ground Logan!

Kevin OConnell
Game Changer

Have you ever experienced the difference between flying 1st class and flying coach? That is how I felt with the North Shore Portable Sauna Bench! As a pioneer in the US Sauna Tent Scene I have been using tents and home made benches for years. This lightweight bench is sturdy, easy to store and completely raises (literally and figuratively) the tent sauna experience! The cedar bench smells like walking into a Northwoods sauna. The added height and particularly bringing your feet off the ground make this a 5 star experience. If you want to fly 1st class in your sauna tent get this bench!!!