Tent Sauna Stove - Portable & Efficient - Lightweight & Compact - 200+ Degrees

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Our stainless-steel wood-burning tent sauna burner provides powerful heat and quick sauna warming.

It provides outstanding BTU output, heating your room to 200°F+ in just 20 minutes, making it ideal for your sauna tent.

It's an essential item for fans of tent saunas because it's lightweight, strong, and adaptable. Improve your sauna sessions by placing an order now!

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Experience Unmatched Tent Sauna Sessions with Our Stainless Steel Tent Sauna Stove

Want to get the most out of your sauna tent experience? Our premium stainless steel tent sauna stove is the only option. With its high heat and energizing steam, this strong sauna buddy will have you sweating in no time, leaving you feeling renewed and invigorated. Even the most intrepid sauna travelers will be satisfied by its small size, portable design with folding legs and chimney set that fits into the firebox, and intense heat.

Intense Heat for Ultimate Relaxation

Our wood stove produces an amazing amount of BTUs, ensuring an intense sauna experience unmatched by any other. Fill the firebox with standard-length firewood, stack 30-40 lbs. of stones in the Rock Basket (sold separately), and immerse yourself in the smooth, pleasant steam that promotes deep relaxation and detoxification. Prepare to elevate your sauna sessions to new heights. Check out this article from SaunaTimes.com on sourcing sauna rocks.

Wood-Burning Sauna Stove: The Heat Source for Your Portable Sauna

Your go-to heat source for a transportable and genuine sauna experience is the Wood-Burning Sauna Stove, created for the Tent Sauna Stove. No matter where you are, you may have a steamy and energizing sauna session because of this efficient and portable stove's ability to achieve temperatures beyond 200 degrees. It is a fantastic complement to the Tent Sauna due to its lightweight construction and small, portable size.
This wood-burning stove offers the warmth and ambiance that turn your portable sauna into a haven of relaxation and cleansing, whether you are out in the middle of nowhere or simply in your garden. With its effective, small, and portable design, the Tent Sauna Stove lets you enjoy the all-natural beauty of wood-fired sauna therapy.

Fast and Efficient Heating

No more wasting time waiting for the sauna to warm up to the ideal temperature for an hour or more. Your sauna tent will be quickly heated to over 200°F by our wood-fired tent sauna burner, allowing you to start your sauna session right away. Furthermore, this stove can satisfy your need for even greater temperatures, making it ideal for sauna fans looking for the maximum amount of heat. We have personally used this sauna stove several times throughout the harsh Minnesota winters, even when the temperature dropped to 15 below zero.

Do yourself a favor and get one of these stoves so you won't ever have to worry about whether it will make your tent sauna hot enough or not. The only thing worse than having no sauna is having a chilly sauna. In a matter of minutes, start perspiring and begin to benefit from those heat-shock proteins.

Convenience and Portability Combined

Our tent sauna stove, which was made with your convenience in mind, easily accepts standard-length firewood and enables hassle-free operation. One person may easily move it because of its portable design. Additionally, the folding legs allow for convenient storage, making it a flexible choice for any setting. When not in use, every chimney component fits within the stove, protecting it and increasing its compactness. The stove top has two full-size carry handles for convenience.

Durable Construction, Perfect Fit

Our wood burner is made of premium stainless steel and is designed to endure the rigors of frequent tent sauna use. Its robust design assures enduring endurance, and its small size makes it the ideal match for your sauna tent. The sleek and contemporary style perfectly complements your area while adding a sense of refinement to your sauna setup.

Product Specifications:
  • Sizes of the firebox and stove include 16" tall, 8" wide, and 23" long; 19" tall, 10" wide, 
  • 26" long; and 25" high with extended legs.
  • includes six 3.5-inch-diameter chimneys and chimney caps.

Wood Sauna Stove: Your Portable Heat Companion

The Wood Sauna Stove, a key component of the Tent Sauna Stove, is your trusted partner for portable and efficient sauna sessions. With the ability to reach temperatures exceeding 200 degrees, this compact and lightweight stove ensures that you can enjoy a steamy and rejuvenating sauna experience wherever you go. Its efficient design, combined with its lightweight and compact form, makes it a perfect match for the Tent Sauna

Upgrade Your Sauna Experience Today with This Tent Sauna Stove

Enhance your wellness routine and unlock the full potential of your Prism or Dome Sauna Tent with our premium stainless steel wood-burning tent sauna stove. Enjoy the energizing steam, scorching heat, and portability it provides. Order right away to take your relaxation to the next level and start your wonderful sauna trip.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Kurt Fortin
Great Quality

Once I received the stove I was shocked at how well it was made. The flue pipe, to the rock cage to the heat shields this thing is amazing. Very happy with the quality and design.

Thank you Kurt.
Happy you like it!
As always, dont hesitate reach out with any questions or concerns!

Chris B
Excellent design and quality

I bought the Nova tent and was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to set up and take down, despite no prior experience! Tent quickly heated up to 185 using mediocre firewood with a 30 degree outdoor temp! I've been very happy with performance, and also love the larger size than most other sauna tents on the market.


Great Stove for what it is. Only annoying issue was that many of the little screws came out during shipping and while unpacking, we were unaware of this and some were lost. Other than that, this thing hums!

Glad to hear it's performing for you! If you do need additional screws, give a call at 218-580-0306 or email at Support@saunatent.com and we can help you out with that!

Merle Honeycutt
Sauna tent

The tent was very fast and easy to setup. The stove is very good and heats the sauna very efficiently, benches are easily to assemble and are adequate for two people. I enjoy the sauna most every day. Since I purchased the sauna about 25 days ago I’ve used it 21 times and find it an excellent choice for 2 people although I’m the only person who has used it.

Jeffrey Hayes
Love my sauna

I don’t usually write reviews for products I purchase online, but I absolutely love my Sauna. Unfortunately, Michigan doesn’t seem to have winter anymore.