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North Shore Sauna

North Shore Sauna is a family- and veteran-owned business providing tent sauna sales and rentals in Duluth, MN, and the surrounding areas. Our mission is to make the authentic sauna experience more accessible. We are doing this by providing affordable outdoor tent sauna experiences to people everywhere.Our founder, Chad Lipka, served six years in the United States Army and is passionate about supporting other veterans through various nonprofits. Future plans include providing free tent sauna experiences to veterans and hosting events benefiting local organizations.
With Finnish heritage, Chad Lipka was introduced to the sauna culture at a young age. Growing up, sauna was just what you did on Wednesday and Saturday nights as a matter of course. Chad discovered the uniqueness of tent sauna a few years ago after receiving one as a gift from a friend. Living next to Lake Superior, the world’s largest freshwater cold plunge, Chad saw an opportunity to get the word out about this ancient practice. He bought a few additional tent saunas and began renting them out to people in the area as a fun way to spread sauna accessibility. After doing that for a while, Chad noticed the lack of supply of tent saunas in the U.S. “With the permanent sauna structures being not mobile at all and costing upwards of 50K, I thought that tent sauna was a great way of spreading sauna culture and accessibility,” Chad said. With a master’s degree in psychology, Chad believes that sauna is a great way of relaxing, slowing down your mind, and becoming reconnected with yourself, others, and the world.