Thermal Sauna Stones

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35-38 LBS of Thermal Sauna Stones - Elevate Your Sauna Experience

We'd like to introduce you to our Sauna Stones, the key to taking your sauna experience to the next level. These sauna rocks are an essential addition to your sauna setup since they are genuine, high-quality stones.

The best sauna rocks are highly durable, have a high heat capacity, and have an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Our Gabbro sauna rocks are sourced from a 1.1-billion-year-old vein of Northern Minesota bedrock and are the perfect stone for your wood-fired or electric sauna stove. 

Key Features of Thermal Sauna Stones:

A greater amount of steam is produced when water is poured over our high-density sauna stones since they have been carefully chosen for their high heat retention qualities. This contributes to creating the ideal sauna environment, encouraging rest and wellbeing.       

Durable and Heat-Resistant
Durable and Heat-Resistant: Designed to withstand the extreme temperatures of your sauna, our stones are incredibly durable and heat-resistant. They won't crack or shatter, providing you with lasting performance and peace of mind.                                                 
Natural and Safe
Natural and Safe: Made from natural stones, our sauna rocks are completely safe for your health and the environment. They do not emit harmful fumes or chemicals when heated, allowing you to enjoy your sauna worry-free.

Easy to Use                                                                                                                    These stones are easy to arrange in your sauna heater, ensuring an even distribution of heat and steam throughout the space. Their smooth, rounded edges make handling a breeze, and they can be quickly heated to the perfect temperature for your comfort.

Customize Your Sauna
Customize Your Sauna: Whether you prefer a mild, relaxing sauna experience or a more intense, invigorating session, our sauna rocks allow you to customize the level of steam and heat, tailoring your sauna to your personal preferences.

Multiple sizes                                                                                                                        The 2-4" stones are perfect for your tent sauna stove, as they provide a great balance between heat-up time and heat capacity, allowing you to begin loyly in 30-40 minutes.    The 4-6" stones are great for those with a larger sauna stove as they have a higher overall heat capacity and can provide much more heat transfer over a longer period of time.                                                  

Transform Your Sauna Experience
Transform your sauna into a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation with our Sauna Stones. Elevate your wellness routine and create an authentic sauna experience that rejuvenates your body and soothes your soul. Experience the difference today!

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