Pre Order Prism Tent Sauna | Portable Outdoor Sauna Tent | Affordable Wood-Fired Sauna Tent With 3 Large Windows

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Experience a portable, affordable, and authentic sauna experience with the Prism Tent Sauna. This portable, outdoor, wood-burning sauna tent is the perfect way to enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating sauna experience, no matter where you are. With easy setup and breakdown, you can enjoy the invigorating experience of a sauna wherever you go.

Heats quickly to 200 degrees F.

Sets up just about anywhere in under 10 minutes.

Portable, Outdoor Tent Sauna

Change your life with Sauna! Our tent sauna is an affordable, portable, and wood-fired sauna that takes your sauna experiences to the next level. This convenient, outdoor sauna is easy to assemble and sets up quickly, allowing you to enjoy a real sauna session wherever you are.

Accommodate 3-4 people comfortablyand enjoy maximum light and viewing with 3 large wrap-around windows.

Authentic Wood-Fired Sauna

The Prism Sauna is designed to provide you with an authentic personal sauna experience in a convenient package. The best sauna tent is designed to be powered by a wood-burning stove, giving you the traditional sauna experience. The stove is designed to be safe and to burn efficiently and effectively. You can adjust the temperature and heat to your desired level.

How hot is the tent sauna?

The Sauna heats quickly to temps of 210F+ when you use the North Shore Sauna Stove (Purchase separately), for as sweaty of a sauna experience as you wish.  Achieve temperatures well in excess of 200F in under 30 minutes in most conditions. We have tested this tent, with our sauna tent stove, in outside temperatures as low as -15F and achieved adequate sauna temps!

The heat in the sauna can be most effectively used by also elevating yourself up off the ground with our portable sauna bench. Known as the Law of Loyly, the temperature change between the floor and the top of the sauna stones is much greater than from the top of the sauna rocks upwards. Using a real sauna bench will keep you situated at the ideal height in the tent sauna.


Benefits of Sauna Tent

Sauna is a highly effective way to increase your cardiovascular health, reduce your feelings of stress and anxiety, boost your mood, and enhance your immune system. Sauna can increase your recovery times, lower your blood pressure, and enhance your sleep.

Sauna is a form of hormesis, which is a term for short-term physical stress that prompts our bodies to respond in a positive manner, enhancing our overall health and resilience. Check out this Youtube video with renowned researcher Rhonda Patrick for a deeper dive into a handful of the most well-known benefits of sauna!

Versatile and Flexible

This Prism Sauna Tent is perfect for those who want to enjoy a sauna session at the comfort of their own home or on the go. It is lightweight and compact, making it easy to transport or store away when not in use. You’ll love the convenience and luxury that this portable outdoor sauna brings. The sauna tent only takes a couple minutes to set up.

The tent sauna is also a fantastic option for renters, as it can be packed up and moved at any time and there is no concern about building codes. Tent sauna is also perfect for those who love combining wellness with nature and adventure, or anyone else who wants a sauna they can take and set up just about anywhere. Throw this sauna tent in your overlanding rig and experience a true overland sauna tent experience, enjoying the cold water bathing wherever you find yourself.

This tent sauna can be used effectively by gyms, breathwork practitioners, wellness coaches, and integrative healing experts to unlock powerful results in clients, utilizing the hormetic stress of powerful heat and steam.


If you’re looking to accommodate a larger crowd and want to fit 8+ people in the sauna at a time, check out our Dome Tent Sauna.

Durable and Breathable Design

Crafted with a unique design that utilizes durable materials. Ditch the diy sauna tent and experience solid heat with a truly effective design. The outdoor tent sauna is made with thick, woven nylon that provides insulation and protection from the elements. The sauna tent is also breathable for excellent ventilation, temperature control, and comfort.

Containing three large windows made of resilient TPU material, you can enjoy the view while sweating it out or cover them with the included covers for a private, intimate sauna session.

A fully waterproof rain cover IS INCLUDED with this tent sauna for added protection during extreme weather.


Size is ~ 5′ 11″ x 5′ 11″ x 6′ 7″ and includes the sauna tent, carrying bag, four ground stakes with rope, window coverings for all windows, and a 3 5/8″ chimney hole. Total weight is ~ 30 lbs.

Tent is constructed of two layers of Oxford fabric with a layer of insulation ultrasonically quilted in between.

Tent frame is fiberglass rod with metal hubs. 

A stainless-steel ring set in a fire-proof silica material provides a secure chimney jack.


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