Sauna Stove Chimney Pipe

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Additional stainless steel chimney piece for our tent sauna stove.
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Extra Chimney Pipe

Extra chimney pipe for replacement or extension of your existing chimney. Use a taller chimney for additional draft and to extend the height of your chimney away from surrounding areas.

The Extra Chimney Pipe: Enhancing Your Sauna Experience

A second chimney pipe may completely alter the dynamics of your sauna arrangement. Your sauna sessions will continue to be fun and rejuvenating since they not only enhance ventilation and maintain a comfortable sauna temperature. You'll have more control over the heat and steam levels with this addition, producing the ideal sauna setting for rejuvenation and relaxation. Use the Extra Chimney Pipe right now to improve your sauna experience!

Today, improve your sauna experience!

With the addition of an extra chimney piece, your sauna may be transformed into a paradise of wellness and relaxation. It's a simple adjustment that may significantly enhance your sauna sessions. Improve your sauna experience, savor the comforting warmth, and design the ideal sauna environment for your rest and renewal. Improve your sauna sessions right away!

Tent with Chimney: Extend the Comfort with Extra Chimney Pipe

You may increase your comfort and convenience on outdoor trips when you combine a tent with a chimney and an additional chimney pipe. No matter the weather outside, your tent will stay toasty and well-ventilated thanks to this clever design. The additional chimney pipe effectively distributes smoke and emissions, keeping a clean and pleasant atmosphere as you unwind inside your comfortable tent with your portable sauna bench. This combination enables you to enjoy the serenity of nature while being warm and cozy, whether you are camping in the mountains or by a frigid lake. Even in the vast outdoors, it is the ideal answer for individuals looking to unwind and recharge.

Stainless steel chimney pipe is 16″ actual length with 2″ bell, for an effective length of 14″.

The diameter of the extra chimney pipe is 90mm or ~ 3.5″

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